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A World Of Colors

After a 20-year journey of experiencing with colors, Mounir dedicated himself to invent professional hair products of his own where the sky is the limit.

The Group Mounir first landed the products in late 2018, which couldn’t be done without the keen efforts of M2 in Italy. The Group Mounir manufactures, sells and distributes Mounir professional hair products for salons and end-users.

Made in Italy

M2 SRL has two ISO certifications: for Manufacturing Hair Care & Body Care Cosmetic Products, and Production of Equipment for Personal and Hairdresser such as chairs, Hair Dryers, Hair Steamers, and Hair Cutting Tools.

The brand Mounir trademark is registered in the following countries: The United States of America, Canada, Australia, Russia, South Africa, China, India, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Kurdistan, Turkey, Lebanon, and the 27 European member states in the EUIPO.

Mounir Education

Another visualization made real with devotion to the cause, advanced education on hair transformations was put into action in early 2020. The Group Mounir created an online platform under the name of IAMMOUNIR, that within a series of educational videos, the hair designer will be equipped and inspired to implement color techniques, cutting, styling, hair extension application and so much more.

The company takes care of the filming and maintains a clear and constant learning pathway for learners to reach advanced levels.

All of the latter could not have been possible without the love of Mounir’s audience revealed on his social media platforms; that is notable, representing a prominent part in the Rising Mounir Empire. Besides his massive followers’ database, it is worthy of mentioning that his audience is a mix of professional hair designers and fans of all occupations and ages.

The Group Mounir

Founded in 2014, the Group Mounir with its three headquarters; the Group Mounir S.A.R.L in Lebanon, M2 S.A.L in Italy founded in 2018, and M3 in Cyprus founded in 2020, is an original top-notch hair designing company that created a revolution in the hair industry due to constant innovation and harmonization with the market.

The company went from owning one office to operate the first Mounir salon ever in 2001, to owning and operating three headquarters to keep up with the ever continuous endeavors and expansions in the Mounir empire.

The Group Mounir headquarters handled by truly dedicated enthusiasts operates major business activities. To start off, the franchising which is the main key for expansion. With an admiration of the Mounir brand and following the realm this company is building, visionary business individuals are attracted to Mounir’s ventures. The company accepts, filters and chooses fit individuals to carry on the successful path with Mounir the brand.